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Resilience and Victims of Violence: Understanding Strengths to Enhance Victim Assistance Training

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Consent to Participate

Thank you for your interest in this survey. You will be asked a number of questions about your experiences following violence or abuse. The survey should take about 20 minutes to complete.

Your participation will help improve our understanding of the supports you received, including interactions with the criminal justice system, victim services, friends and family. The results of the survey will be made public in 2017 and will be used to improve training for professionals who help victims of violent crime. When the results are published your answers will be grouped with the answers of other participants to protect your identity. You may be quoted, but the researchers will make sure that no one will be able to identify you.

The research project is being conducted independently of local social service agencies. All your answers will be kept strictly confidential and your identity protected. You will not be required to provide your name or any other information that can identify you. Your internet IP address will not be collected. The only people who will have access to your answers are the researchers and they won’t know your identity.

This is a voluntary survey and you may refuse to answer any questions. You are free to withdraw from the study at any time. However, because this survey is completely anonymous, it will not be possible to withdraw your answers once you have hit the ‘submit’ button at the end. In order to help further ensure your confidentiality, we recommend that you use safety measures such as signing out of your account and deleting the recent history in your browser when you have completed the survey. For information on how to delete your browsing history, please see the following link: Your responses will be stored securely for a period of 5 years, at which time they will be destroyed.

Depending on your experiences, some questions may be difficult to answer or may trigger strong emotions or memories. A list of support services is provided at the beginning and the end of the survey in case such feelings arise.

Clicking “Next” at the bottom of this page will be interpreted as an indication of your consent to participate. You may print this page for your records.

If you have any questions or require more information about the study, you may contact Dr. Benjamin Roebuck, Graduate Victimology Program, (613) 727 4723 ext 6328 or, or Dr. Holly Johnson, Department of Criminology, at (613) 562-5800, ext 1805 or This project is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

If you have questions with regards to the ethical conduct of this study, you may contact:

Protocol Officer for Ethics in Research, University of Ottawa, Tabaret Hall, 550 Cumberland Street, Room 154, Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5, Phone: (613) 562-5387, email: OR

Algonquin College Research Ethics Board, Phone: (613) 727-4723 x 5213, email:

We thank you for your participation!